Spacecraft Models

Make space the final frontier on your desk with these awesome mini re-imaginings of the most iconic unmanned spacecraft. 

Collect 1, collect all. From a garbage collection vessel to a future Mars-bound commercial space bus, these well-crafted satellites and their stands are made from maple with elements of matte white and glossy red finished plastic. Metal components include laser-etched stainless steel. 

The men behind these ships are design duo Martin Postler and Ian Ferguson, a.k.a. as Postlerferguson. This is their second collection of models for fellow Londoners Papafoxtrot. And, like those cargo ships, these space models combine an attention to detail with a modern aesthetic.

Geotail: Sent up to observe both the turbulent wake that Earth’s magnetosphere pulls behind it and how the solar wind penetrates through. This phenomena can knock satellites and Earth-bound electrical systems out. The Geotail is our eye on space, providing a view of potential disruptions to communications and power networks.

SIZE: Average is about 4.3" h x 4.3" w [11 × 11cm]


Rudimentary assembly involved 

Instructions and details on each model included

MATERIAL: Natural maple wood, laser-etched stainless steel components, plastic

PACKAGING: Branded box

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